expect from an escort in a role play

What to expect from an escort in a role play?

Posted on: 14, Feb 2019

It is inevitable, and sometimes even necessary for a man to have desires, dreams and wishes that are only good enough to be left unsaid, untold. Unconventional, or dreams that may be unusual from the mainstream way of doing things, can lead to extraordinary experiences and memories. One of these wishes and dreams are obviously sexual desires and fantasies.

We understand how having sexual fantasies can actually cause shying away and hiding your desires in the dark, never being able to express them to your sexual partners or friends. Which is where escorts play a great part. The escorts that you hire for yourself, are open minded girls who know and accept your satisfaction as their prime duty. Which is why with full consent, sugar London escorts are ready to be a part of your sexual fantasies without any judgement, and negative consequences.

Role playing

Role playing is obviously, a sexual desire and fantasy that sparks interest in every man. It spices up the whole sexual experience, and makes the experiences completely unforgettable. But we understand how hard it can be to express your role playing ideas to conventional sexual partners who are simply into mainstream, “vanilla” sex. Your role playing fantasy can be anything from being submissive to a hot and sexy police officer, or having extreme levels of intimacy with a cute yet naughty teacher.

Basically, with a sugar London escort, your imagination will never be limited. The escort will be ready to go too far limits of imagination, just as long as it does not pose potential damage or hurt. Yes, that’s right, with a sugar London escort, all your sexual fantasies will be answered without any questions.

For roleplaying, our girls will come fully prepared to you. Your deepest desires and imaginations will come true to you, when your favorite girl will come in front of you dressed up as your favorite cartoon character, your favorite character from a video game or as your naughty secretory. Here are a few ideas you can try with an escort for role playing. Spark up and add spice to your sex life by using some of the role playing ideas from the following:

Slutty secretory

Ever had a dream to have intimate relations with a secretory? Well, while in reality it may seem unethical and also close to impossible to happen, you sugar London escort can help you make your dream true. With the use of classy, naughty props and get up, your escort will become the ultimate secretory, who can have a lot of fun with.

Adult baby

If you are in to something cute yet highly sexual, this is the best idea for you. Your choices are open, you can become the adult baby and get feed, cleaned and taken care by the girl. Or you can tell the escort to be the adult baby so you can take good care of her while pleasuring yourself and her. With the use of cute, child-like sexual toys and props, the escort will make you go crazy.

Dominant and submissive roles

Most of the role playing ideas revolve around dominant and submissive roles. This is why role playing is one of the craziest yet sexiest way to spice up your sexual experience with an escort. Role playing allows you to choose and do whatever pleases you. If you are more of a dominant person, and are unable to practice dominance sexually in your real life, pick a nice dominant role like a company boss or a school teacher, and fulfill your wishes.

And if you are in to submissive roles, well, then everything will be perfect for you if you have a consensual agreement with your escort. We would advise you to specify your role playing ideas and fantasies to the escort beforehand, so she can get the right props and costumes and please you no one else ever can.

Naughty school girl

This will be a submissive role for the escort. You can be a tough teacher, and she can be a misbehaving, naughty school girl. Punish her for being naughty in the class, or let her please your desires so she can get good grades on the final exam. With knee-length socks and small skirts, you will be totally drooling over the little school girl and her giggling naughty nature.

Naughty school teacher

Like to be in a dominant role? Become a handsome, good looking school teacher who makes every teenage school girl drool over you. Take advantage of your senior positon and your good looks, and charm the favorite school girl or your favorite student. Have her give you full respect as a teacher and call you names like “mister” and “sir” as she does the naughtiest things with you.

Get a good, sneaky look at her cute school skirt, and let her do the rest of the work.


A great way of making the full out of this opportunity is to role play as a massaging client, or be the masseuse yourself. This way, not only will you get the most sensual and breathtaking massage by a gorgeous woman, but you can also have a nice, intimate “happy ending” during the play role. In a relaxing, candle-lit beautiful environment, a masseuse role play will enrich you with love and appreciation for the escort who will actually be your masseuse at the time.

Sexy nurse

Like to be feel pampered and being taken care of? Nurse role plays are a great way of feeling pampered and cared-for by the most beautiful escort in town. Have her dress up as a highly attractive nurse, who will make sure that all of your physical needs are fulfilled. As her patient, you can literally demand of anything that you need in the moment, and the nurse, doing her duty, will do it for you.

You can also switch roles and be her care-taker instead. This way, you can return her luxurious and pleasurable favor with your treatment. An apt costume, and the right props and the right words are all you need to fully engage with the role and make the experience the most cherish able memory of your lifetime.


This is probably the most commonly admired and sexiest role play idea. If you have a creative mind and are a person with a wild imagination, you will be able to see the escort in the policewoman role in a way that you have never seen an actual policewoman. That is what sexual role playing is all about, doing things that are way off the limits in reality, and are sometimes also considered impractical. But the escorts are aware adult girls who are filled with thrill and are a fan of adventure themselves.

Science fiction

Star wars, wonder woman, bat girl, Harley quin or Avatar characters, are undoubtedly the most creative female characters we see only in TV. If you are a fan of science fiction, and ever wonder what these wonderful female characters would be like in bed, then sci-fi role playing should be your choice.

Have the escort dressed up as your favorite sci-fi character, and have her fulfill your wishes better than the real character. Whether you are attracted towards someone as gorgeous and sexy as Poison Ivy, or you are into a beautiful cute tinker bell character, the escort will readily become that.

Animal role playing

c Have the naughtiest kitty or the horniest lioness please you with her moves. You can engage creatively in the role play by choosing your favorite animals and role playing as them.

Things you can do to improve your role playing experience

  • Talk

While you are in the role play, do not only rely on the sexual actions between the two of you. Add some excitement, engagement and make it an interesting experience by talking with one another. Interacting occasionally and talking dirty can help you enhance your overall experience.

  • Right costumes and props

This is the most important thing you need to ensure your role playing experience is the most unforgettable one. Whether you are in a role of a naughty college teacher, or you are a sexy fireman, the right costume and the right props are necessary to make the role play a success.

  • Communicate your ideas and expectations clearly with the escort first

A great way of having the perfect role play is to let the escort know your expectations. The reason you are roleplaying with an escort is because you are unable to do it with a real-life partner who may judge you or may not have the same imagination as you. Which is why you should let the escort know your ideas and expectations, so she can come fully prepared to please you.

  • Be confident, no one is there to judge you

This is the best part of it all. What can any man want other than having the time of his life in a place where no one is going to judge him? We know role playing and sexual fantasies are often considered unusual and unrealistic. But with an escort, you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone. Be yourself, and give the best to the role play, so you both can have the time of your lives.

The sugar London escorts are multi-skilled, open minded girls who are able to fully adapt into any role and any skill you expect from them. With hot costumes and props, they will fully indulge themselves and you in the role play and make you have the time of your life.